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About Us

Our goal is to treat each child as an individual and to encourage them to express themselves through the art of dance. We firmly believe that each student is a star, therefore, we do not spotlight any single child but give each child an opportunity to shine. 

We are a CONSERVATIVE dance studio. What does this mean?? It means that our dance costumes are age-appropriate and cover our dancers of all ages. You will not see inappropriate costumes on our younger or older dancers. Our music is screened and edited for language and content. We believe that children grow up too fast and we want them to remain innocent and modest as long as possible.

We are a strictly recreational dance studio. This means that we do not take competition so seriously that we require your child any certain amount of classes, nor do we expect them to be in the studio several days a week. We realize that education comes first and we would like for you to be able to schedule other extra-curricular activities outside of dance. 

We DO compete but we do so only at competitions that offer a recreational division so that our students compete with other students from recreational studios. We do NOT stress the need to win, only to be proud of yourself and to be proud of your personal growth. We will not ever compare one of our students to another student. This goes against our policy of building self-confidence.

We have a highly qualified staff that is excited to have your child at our studio and will always listen to your concerns. Our staff wants to instill the same love for dance in your dancer that they carry in their own hearts!

Our main goal is to provide a professional, open-door, and enjoyable studio 

for your child.

We would love to have you as a part of our dance family!


7450 Three Notch Road 

Mobile, AL 36619

Mailing Address:

5585 Dawes Lane Ext

Theodore, AL 36582

Phone Number:



Mon - Thurs: 3:45PM - 7:30PM

Sat: Closed

Sun: Closed

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